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    I am a stay at home mom/full time business owner . We (my husband and I) run a couple businesses out of our home, all while juggling our 7 year old son, Baron and 2 year old twins, Berlin and Ryker. It works, however, it does get a little crazy at times and I have had several moments of telling customers to please excuse the screaming children that want anything and everything. Some days I am shocked that we were able to do what we are doing and still provide but I thank God for each and every day that we are able to continue this.

    A friend of mine opened my eyes to blogging (Thank you Kristi!). I thought it was a great idea to document the day in the life of our little miracle all while allowing far away family and friends to peer into our lives and see the progress with Baron. It literally opened another chapter in my life and created a new hobby of tweaking and fine tuning my little baby that was created.

    With the creation of the blog, and me trolling other sites for more information on how to make my blog better, I kept noticing these amazing pictures that others were posting on their sites. The clarity was unreal. That in turn, started another chapter about photography. I bought my first DSLR camera and started to duplicate what others were creating until I could stand on my own.

    My husband is my biggest supporter of all. I can't imagine not being able to run my crazy ideas by him. He gives me the biggest push to continue to use my creative side and not be afraid to go there. I love him for that.

Bad mom…posting about his 7th birthday over a year ago. Sheesh is life busy…

Baron had a pretty relaxed birthday, since he already had his birthday party the weekend before. His birthday fell on Easter weekend so it ended up to be a weekend of birthday celebrations and if it were up to Baron, that’s how it would always be. He was pretty pumped to get Disney Infinity on the WiiU and still plays that a lot today. I guess that’s a good thing.

I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures but I can’t seem to find any…oh well.

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I have always wanted a pool. When I met Rob he had a pool and I was in heaven. I didn’t really take care of the pool while living there but I definitely used the pool. We had talked that when we moved out to the new house that eventually we would have a pool. When we first talked to a builder, it was instant sticker shock. We put the plans on hold and saved up until the time was right. Finally, we hit the mark of where we needed to be and started the process. I was in charge of 99% of it while┬árunning ideas by Rob (mainly asking for more $$) to see what his thoughts on certain things. I interviewed 5 builders and finally settled on the one that I liked. That process started in May 2014 and we finalized the plans right before Thanksgiving. They wanted to start a few days before Thanksgiving but I could only imagine the mess along with 25+ people being here for the holiday so they started December 1st and finished April 1st. Four months of anticipation but thankfully we did the build over the winter so we weren’t itching to get in.

Over all it went really well. I have to say, the pool builder was awesome and great to work with. Any problems that came up were dealt with and taken care of in a timely fashion. Now writing this, with a year that has passed, I haven’t had any complaints. It’s taken me a little time to figure out the balancing of the water and coming soon to try to figure it out again but it really wasn’t that bad at all. The best part was how much fun the kids had. Rob and I did too but boy did the kids have a great summer. Baron loved the slide and jumping off the rocks. Berlin and Ryker weren’t too daring at first and believe it or not, Ryker was the first of them to go down the slide and jump off the rocks. Berlin finally came around a few weeks later and by the end of the summer they all were doing things I would have never imagined. It was a good summer and I’m really looking forward to the next.

I used a website to get a lot of information called Trouble Free Pool. They have a forum where you can ask questions about anything pool related or you can just creep around and read other’s pool builds. This site helped me out so much. I posted my build there if anyone wants to take a look. ┬áI also used the GoPro to film the entire build. Pretty neat to see the whole thing built in 5 mins.

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Baron’s BFF Henry, has a birthday 4 days earlier, so Henry’s mom and I decided we would have their party together. The kids picked Sky Zone and several of their friends to come. It really was just a basic birthday party. They came, they jumped and got all sweaty and then we went to the party room for pizza and cake. It really was super easy.

Baron said he always wants to have his party with Henry but we’ll have to see about that;)


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