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    I am a stay at home mom/full time business owner . We (my husband and I) run a couple businesses out of our home, all while juggling our 7 year old son, Baron and 2 year old twins, Berlin and Ryker. It works, however, it does get a little crazy at times and I have had several moments of telling customers to please excuse the screaming children that want anything and everything. Some days I am shocked that we were able to do what we are doing and still provide but I thank God for each and every day that we are able to continue this.

    A friend of mine opened my eyes to blogging (Thank you Kristi!). I thought it was a great idea to document the day in the life of our little miracle all while allowing far away family and friends to peer into our lives and see the progress with Baron. It literally opened another chapter in my life and created a new hobby of tweaking and fine tuning my little baby that was created.

    With the creation of the blog, and me trolling other sites for more information on how to make my blog better, I kept noticing these amazing pictures that others were posting on their sites. The clarity was unreal. That in turn, started another chapter about photography. I bought my first DSLR camera and started to duplicate what others were creating until I could stand on my own.

    My husband is my biggest supporter of all. I can't imagine not being able to run my crazy ideas by him. He gives me the biggest push to continue to use my creative side and not be afraid to go there. I love him for that.

This is Henry. Henry and Baron are like bread and butter. They both said when they grow up they are going to live in the same house in bunk beds. Separate bunk beds, so they both can be on the top bunk. They also have birthday’s 4 days apart. That being said, Henry’s mom and I decided to have their birthday party together. I needed to take some pictures of the boys together for the invite and this is what I got:)

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032415-1It all started with this…actually it had started when they were 18 months and Berlin climbed out of her crib. When that happened, we lowered their cribs to the point of no return and by that I mean drilling our own holes into the legs to get that mattress to the lowest possible point. When that was finished, it bought us some time until this. I have to say, I was a bit shocked to see that Ryker was the first one climbing out. He’s not nearly as strong as Berlin and is twice her size but he is a flexible lil dude. All he had to do is get his foot on the top to give him leverage and then he pulled himself up the rest of the way. Berlin could really climb out at any time she wanted but she’s also part chicken and was scared of the drop down. Not Ryker, just a quick thump on his tush and he was home free.

I was stressing out as I was watching this because it was happening so much quicker than I was prepared for. I quickly called Amy and told her and she said it looks like it’s time. Ugh…so not looking forward to it. She said to go get new bedding for each of them, something that they would be excited about and make a big deal in front of them when putting it all together. That was the easy part. I did just that. Frozen for Berlin and Mickey for Ryker. They were pretty excited and shocked to see the cribs go away but were more excited to see the beds on the ground with their favorite characters. That and the beds made excellent trampolines.

They are pretty good sleepers for nap time and really good for bed time and I was stressing that it was all going to change once they realized their new found freedom. Bed time wasn’t a problem as they both slept all through the night either on the bed or off. Nap time was a little different. I remember going through the same rules for Baron when he switched, that it was nap time and not play time. We had about 3 bad days and then they finally got the idea.

032415-5┬áHere’s a shot of one of those days. I had left the monitor with Rob and instructed him to keep an eye on them in case they got out of bed. He got distracted and totally forgot. When I returned, this is what I found. Nice, right? All the books had been taken out, wipes pulled out of the container, lotion squeezed out of it’s jar, trashed dumped out and both of them having the time of their lives. I’m surprised that Ryker wasn’t climbing up the bookcase and thankfully Rob secured that to the wall a long time ago because yikes!

032415-2 032415-3So far so good for the first night:) 032415-4This was the next night. Berlin decided to sleep on the floor. 032415-7 032415-8 032415-9 032415-10 032415-11 032415-12 032415-13

Of course this was one of those cases where I was stressing out and it really turned out to not be a big deal at all. They transitioned fairly easily and now it’s old news.

Below is after the first night. They look so cute just waking up. At first I couldn’t find Berlin as she blended in with her covers so easily.


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072814I don’t know if I posted this before as I haven’t blogged in the LONGEST time, but I absolutely love this picture. Rob took it on top of his dad’s house when he was fixing his antennae and it just makes me feel so blessed to be living where we are living. I take it for granted so often.

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